The Tech Takeover (1)

Where would we be without modern communication? Imagine two tin cans and a string. That’s how people communicated at one time.

Twenty years ago, if someone asked how to do fundraising for your non-profit organization, you can bet that the top answers would be snail mail donation requests and phone calls asking people for money.

When was the last time you hand wrote and mailed a letter for business purposes?
The past is over. Walk with me.

Walk with me into the 21st century. A time when you can lock your house by pressing a button on your mobile device. A time when NASA can land a robot on a comet that is catapulting through space at speeds of over 80,000 miles per hour!

The paper and pencil routine is over. Technology has taken over most areas of our lives. This includes getting the visibility your 501(c)(3) organization deserves.

The Better Communication Forum can help your organization. The BCF is the place where non-profits learn about grants as well as communication tips, strategies, and helpful hints from marketing experts.

If you are not advertising your non-profit online, its chances of flourishing are dim. Everyone is online, including your potential volunteers, supporters, and donors. We go online for everything; to book a flight, check the weather, count our calories, and binge watch Breaking Bad.

Why not also advertise your non-profit on an interface where the world’s population gathers daily?

Learn more about advertising grant opportunities at the BCF grants for non-profits page.

The Tech Takeover