The Bashpole Grant is a grant program for 501(c)(3) charities for non-profit promotion, valued at up to $366,000 in the aggregate. The Bashpole Grant was created to help raise awareness and promote non-profits and their missions. The Bashpole Grant Program will officially begin accepting applications on August 15, 2015.

Updentity, the organization responsible for the Bashpole Grant, is providing Google Ad Grants administration services at no cost for charities. The average value of each award is up to $122,000 per year which is the combination of Updentity’s administrative services, valued at up to $2,000, with a grant valued at up to $120,000 from Google, each year. Up to 3 non-profits who are working to better the world on a local or national level will be awarded. Qualified applicants also receive a 30 percent discount on other Updentity services. There is no fee to apply, and applications are being accepted from August 15 until September 15, 2015 at Winners will be announced by September 31, 2015.

According to Benjamin Ashpole, founder and CEO of Updentity, “We’re committed to helping non-profits spread the word about the good they are doing in the world. We want to help them reach more people and to have the opportunity to tell their story. Our intent is to leverage our experience in marketing and advertising to spread the word. We believe it is more valuable than small cash donations.”

The Bashpole grant may be used to increase newsletter signups, promote fundraisers and events, recruit volunteers, and increase online visibility to individuals who might not otherwise know their non-profit exists. Grants have been awarded to non-profits whose outreach extends from local communities, to national constituents, to international supporters.

Some restrictions apply. Visit the website at   
About the Bashpole Grant

The Bashpole Grant assists U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations with raising awareness, connecting with donors, finding volunteers, and engaging supporters. Benjamin Ashpole, founder and CEO of Updentity, has committed himself and his company to helping non-profits to change the world by spreading their word to help cure diseases, fight human trafficking, prevent domestic abuse, stop animal cruelty, and much more.

This grant program enables Updentity to help many worthy causes throughout the year and to assist them with such items as to increase donors, volunteers, and event attendees. Grant recipients are selected by Updentity staff on review of timely submitted applications. For more information about the Bashpole Grant, visit  

Bashpole Grant Program Launches August 15