The Mission of The Better Communication Forum, Inc. (“BCF”) is to reduce the economic and human cost of poor, inaccurate and misdirected communication. The principal focus is on the relatively new and fast growing areas of electronic communication, including without limitation all forms of electronic messaging: email, text, social media and others.

BCF Directors

Executive Director

Benjamin C. Ashpole

Ben Ashpole is an entrepreneur, data integration scientist, machine learning researcher, and mentor whose career spans the public, for-profit, and non-profit sectors. Ben earned undergraduate degrees from Indiana University with majors in each of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Cognitive Science; and a master’s in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

As founder and CEO of Bashpole Software, Inc. since 2006, Ben leads a team of researchers, developers, and marketing specialists in pursuit of the promise of AI and Machine Learning. One concept that Ben dedicates a lot of time to is creating ways to automate the Google Ad Grants Program, which represents a vastly underutilized resource worth billions of dollars annually in free advertising.

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Non-Executive Director

Adriana Vela

Named one of the "10 Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021", Adriana Vela is a multiple award-winning market and technology trends expert, strategist, entrepreneur, and certified business and leadership coach, and award-winning author of “11 Ways To Improve The Human Condition.”

Adriana has founded three technology and education-based non-profit organizations with a mission to grow the next generation of innovators. As an entrepreneur, she has been quoted or featured in journal publications such as The Milken Institute Report: 'Minds-to-Market' and the San Diego Business Journal; in magazines like PM Networks, PharmaTech Europe, SmallTimes, Hispanic Business, San Diego Magazine, and Industry Era Magazine.


Samantha Cane

Samantha is a Marketing Supervisor and Ad Grant Services specialist at Bashpole Software. Samantha adopted and redesigned both Google Ad campaign maintenance and client support processes. Samantha leads the marketing department at Promotor Motor that provides ad writing strategy, social media maintenance, KPI interpretation, conversion tracking analysis, extensive non-profit research, and project organization



Iggy Isiorho

Iggy Isiorho is a Software Engineering Supervisor at Bashpole Software. Iggy built ad generation software from the ground up and is a specialist in technical support. Iggy's skills include Java, JSP, and Java-related libraries, SQL, DevOps Python, PHP, Perl, and Linux