Adriana Vela


Named one of the “10 Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021”, Adriana Vela is a multiple award-winning market and technology trends expert, strategist, entrepreneur, and certified business and leadership coach, and award-winning author of “11 Ways To Improve The Human Condition.”

Adriana has founded three technology and education-based non-profit organizations with a mission to grow the next generation of innovators. As an entrepreneur, she has been quoted or featured in journal publications such as The Milken Institute Report: ‘Minds-to-Market’ and the San Diego Business Journal; in magazines like PM Networks, PharmaTech Europe, SmallTimes, Hispanic Business, San Diego Magazine, and Industry Era Magazine.

Specializing in brain science performance optimization, she is a trained and Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst, a Certified Professional in Driving Forces, and a Certified Professional
in Emotional Intelligence. She created the Human-First Performance Systems™, Coaching-as-a- Benefit™ (CaaB) system, and the Fix-My-Brain-Adriana™ series.

Adriana is the author of the upcoming book, “Brain Science for the Soul.” In her book, she focuses on her study of cognitive sciences and the scientific research of innovative neuroscientists. She gives meaning to the intersection and relationship between the brain and the soul, which ultimately impacts everyone around us, our workplace, companies, partnerships, and relationships.

Over three decades, she has been at the forefront of innovative technologies in the high-tech, biotech, nanotech, and immersive tech sectors. Her enterprise successes include launching dozens of products, driving industry standards, leading million-dollar initiatives, and defining new markets.

She currently serves on the Design Thinking Advisory Board at Tombolo Institute Bellevue College, and Better Communication Forum. She has been an invited speaker nationally and abroad on various disruptive innovations and has served as an advisor for technology conferences, several independent boards, and decision-making committees.

Adriana and her husband are caregivers to her adoring mother-in-law. In her ample spare time outside of business, she enjoys hiking, gardening, travel, movies, and entertaining. Most of all, she treasures family time with her husband, two kids, and grandma.