Google Ad Grants Services


Standard Awareness Campaign which includes an entire year of AdWords maintenance.


AdWords is Google’s advertising service – available on Google. When an individual performs a search on Google, ads are displayed. These are AdWords. They are distinct from the other search results because they contain an icon that states “Ad” next to them.  Google Ad Grants are offered exclusively for 501(c)(3)s that enables nonprofits to advertise in the form of AdWords. Google offers this opportunity to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations, and it is valued at up to $120,000 a year. Nonprofits use the online advertising grant to reach, connect, and engage with new supporters, volunteers, and donors.

Our organization has a standard year-long awareness campaign in which we will focus on raising awareness about your organization for one year.

The following services are included:

Grant Writing

  • Applying for TechSoup on behalf of your organization
  • Applying for Google For Nonprofits on your behalf
  • Applying for the Google Ad Grants on behalf of your organization
    • Includes submitting necessary information about your non-profit
    • Adhering to Google’s rules, as required by the Grant

Technical Set Up

  • Setting up a Google Analytics account
  • Setting up a Google AdWords account
  • Creating an account to monitor landing pages
  • Conversion code setup and tracking

Ad Writing

  • Researching relevant keywords
  • AdWords Campaign creation
  • Creating relevant Ad groups as needed
  • Writing text-based ads to be displayed on Google
  • Continued keyword research and maintenance
  • Continued ad research and maintenance

Landing Page

  • We will evaluate your website to determine if an existing page on your website can be used as a landing page, the web page to direct viewers when they click on your ads
  • If an appropriate page is not found, we will create a landing page for your organization
    • Includes writing content, design, and development
    • A “call to action” on the landing page will encourage a conversion; users will sign-up or be directed to an appropriate page to take action


  • Reporting of click-through rate
  • Reporting of conversions
  • Analytics (website traffic) reporting
  • Top performing keywords and ads
  • Reporting the number of times your ads were displayed on Google
  • Reporting the amount of ad grant money spent


Have questions?

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We offer add-on campaigns to help with online fundraising, newsletter sign-ups, event promotion, membership sign-ups, etc.  Contact us to discuss how nonprofits use Google Ad Grants for fundraising.

Google Ad Grants Services