Nonprofits have been missing opportunities for growth for at least the past forty years, historically earning only 2% of the gross domestic product. Research indicates that if that percentage were raised by just 1% it would equate to roughly $150 billion for nonprofit causes. But why exactly are nonprofits stuck at just 2% of the gross domestic product? A new study, being conducted by internationally acclaimed marketing firm Updentity plans to reveal exactly what Indiana nonprofits are doing correctly when it comes to advertising and marketing and more importantly, where there may be opportunities for growth.

The Better Communication Forum, Inc. (BCF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in North Webster, Indiana, recently partnered with Updentity to present this first of its kind study on the state of advertising among Indiana nonprofits. On completion of the study, Updentity will host a webinar entitled Advertising Trends and Grants to discuss the results of the study and where there may be opportunities for nonprofits to increase their exposure online. The firm will also discuss how nonprofits can be eligible for online advertising grants and business sponsorships.

According to Kristen Boie, marketing manager of The Better Communication Forum, “Many nonprofits are at a tremendous competitive disadvantage and they are losing out on donations, volunteers and other opportunities because they do not have a strong online presence. Today, 75% of donors go online to decide where to give their time and money, and many nonprofits are not meeting them there. Simply having a website is not enough of a presence needed to capture the online giving activity that most nonprofits are currently missing out on.”

The Better Communication Forum would like to encourage all nonprofits to take the Updentity survey, participate in the study and attend the webinar to learn more about how they can increase communications and reach their supporters online.



About the Better Communication Forum

The Better Communication Forum is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to reduce the economic and human cost of poor, inaccurate and misdirected communication. The goal of the BCF is to help improve the way people communicate electronically, via email, text, social media and other electronic means of communication by providing resources and education to organizations.

Better Communications Forum
Kristen Boie
Marketing Manager