Updentity, a locally based marketing company with international acclaim, will be conducting a first of its kind survey about the state of advertising among non-profits. The compilation and the results of the survey will be shared free of charge to the entire business and non-profit community.

Updentity’s philosophy is having both a vibrant business and non-profit sector is vital to every community’s overall economic strength and stability. Ben Ashpole, President of Updentity says, “In our experience, we see businesses taking full advantage of their online presence and marketing resources. However, we see many non-profits unsure of how to utilize the same or similar resources.”

Recent statistics say that 75% of donors go online to decide where to give and how they make their selection. Lessons learned from the business world also apply to non-profits, so they can increase donations, awareness and volunteers.
The results of the survey will be a great resource for the entire business community because both businesses and non-profits will see opportunities for growth and partnerships. The results will further describe advertising grant opportunities, marketing options and business partnerships within the community.

Free Live Webinar: All non-profits can participate in a free live webinar about the study’s results and advertising grants for non-profits.

Access to your county’s survey can be found at http://www.bettercommunicationforum.org/partners/

For more information, or to schedule a survey interview, contact us or Updentity at (888) 297-4694 or advertising@updentity.com.

Press: Advertising Grants for Non-profits

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