Animal Welfare Donors Email List

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250 animal welfare donors including their names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and demographics.


Animal Welfare Donors That Gave At Least $250

The animal welfare donors list includes name, mailing address, email address, and demographics of 250 donors in the United States that donated at least $250 to animal welfare.  The list includes demographic information such as their income range, home value, if they have children, if they own a pet, etc.

This animal welfare donors email list has the most complete, cost-effective demographic data for all of your fundraising needs.  The contacts in this list are consistently updated through a strict maintenance process in order to provide very accurate data.

This donor list will enable your organization to build relationships with potential donors and increase fundraising dollars.

  • Postal Records: We have over 6 million donors and contributors available.
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How can a donor list help your organization?

There are many philanthropic individuals who regularly make donations to animal welfare charities.  Finding these types of donors can be a challenge.  If your animal-related charity is interested in reaching-out to new supporters, purchase of a donor list of animal welfare contributors is a smart start.  Once you have this list, begin sending out postal mailers and emails to begin cultivating these individuals, make them aware of your organization and its efforts to support animal welfare.  Use the demographic information to speak directly to the animal welfare supporters.  After the individuals have had a chance to value your organization, make an ask.  If even just one of these individuals makes a donation, it could cover the cost of the entire donor list purchase.

Purchase a list of 250 supporters that have donated to animal charities and have gave at least $250.

Your list will have the following fields:

  • name
  • mailing address
  • email address
  • phone number
  • marital status
  • age
  • date of birth
  • income range
  • home value
  • average amount donated
  • and more
Animal Welfare Donors Email List