Communicating with customers is vital to the success of any organization. But where and how to communicate to effectively generate interest in your organization is a complex issue. The Better Communication Forum’s mission is to help improve communications for both non-profits as well as for-profit businesses, so that they may be more successful in reaching their goals. Below are five tips to developing a communication strategy to strengthen your organization’s message..

1) Develop a plan

The first step in developing a communications strategy is to plan what, where, when, and how you are going to get your message out to your supporters and customers. What are you going to say, what message will you convey is an important part of the planning process. Equally important are where, when, and how you are going to get your message out. The goal should always be to reach as many people as possible with the least financial burden as possible.Online advertising is an example of an inexpensive way to reach millions of people, even if you are just targeting a certain geographical area.

2) Be concise

Your marketing message should be short and to the point. People won’t remember a dissertation on the benefits of your organization. Rather, they will remember something concise and informative. Say what you have to say in the most concise manner possible for maximum effect.

3) Be creative

Creative copywriting is a talent that can take years to develop. When writing copy that is short and to the point, it is important that it is creative as well. Think of some unique way to say whatever you are trying to say.

4) Be catchy

Catchiness and creativeness go hand in hand. Alliteration is one idea to help your copy be more creative and catchy. Catchy copy combined with creative copy is cool, and memorable.

5) Be consistent

Communications must be consistent. The more you send your message out to the world, the more people it will reach. Advertising is never one and done. Rather, the key to effective advertising and communications is to rinse, repeat, rinse again. Say what you have to say, over and over again for maximum impact and return on investment.

Legal Disclaimer

This article does not constitute legal or tax advice.  You must contact your own attorney or tax advisor to find out whether or how the issues presented here apply to or affect you or your organization.

5 Steps to Developing a Communications Strategy